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    Potter Antique Tractor

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    Roger Clark Massey Harris Tractor Memorabilia Collection Auction

  • Outtakes from issue #26 are here!

  • LQ #26 is sort of a small tractor issue as it includes part I of our feature on the Massey-Harris Pony tractors. This versatile little tractor was one of the best selling models that the company ever produced. It had lots of variations and many different implements that allowed this tough little tractor to do a lot of jobs. We will take a closer look at those implements in Pony Feature Part II, which will be in the July issue.

    Before the Pony, Massey-Harris marketed the General GG, which was built by the Cleveland Tractor Company in Cleveland, Ohio. This April issue also includes an in-depth article about the General, which was sold in Canada with models finding their way to the United States.

    An article about the Ferguson T0-35 Gas Special rounds out this spring issue.

    Don’t forget the Massey Show Guide to be found at the back of this issue. Support our advertisers as this help to make this magazine possible.

    Thanks to all of you who ordered this year’s calendar. This is a very expensive magazine to produce and proceeds from the calendar go a long way in helping to support our publishing efforts. We are sold out of calendars for this year.

    We are running out of storage space so if you have considered ordering back issues, now is the time to do so. Priced at five issues for $25, which includes postage is a good deal!

    If you have photos and/or stories about you Massey Pony, you still have time to get them included in Part II. Call or email for additional information. I am especially looking for good photos of Pony implements and any other tools that were used on these great little tractors.

    Hope you have a great summer,

    Gary Heffner, editor

  • Issue #25 Cover: (click to expand)
    Issue 25 Cover

  • Check out outtakes from issue #25

  • LQ#25 is our first attempt at a “special restoration issue.” As I mentioned in the Editor’s Notebook, at the beginning of the issue, we have never done anything like this because it can be a really tricky subject. Many collectors look at restoring a tractor differently. So folks consider an “expo quality” restoration the only thing that counts. That term usually means that everything is rebuilt or replaced and an “over the top” paint job is the finishing touch. I personally like all tractors, especially really exceptional original condition tractors. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I like looking at a show-stopper paint job, just as much as the next guy.

    So, LQ#25 features a pretty much a complete issue of different restoration projects. We start out by featuring Pennsylvania native, Chris Kessel’s top-to-bottom restoration of a Massey-Harris 25 Orchard Tractor, Jerry Gorzny’s Massey 33’s professional restoration, Ed Marstellar’s rebuild of a Pony for his granddaughter and Fred Heidt’s Massey GP that gets a set of cultivators. It all good and most important, everybody ends up with a tractor that they and makes them happy. And, that’s what counts.

    There’s also a feature article about well-known collector John Bush. He had been adding a lot of tractors to his sheds and barns. This is a chance to peak inside and see what John has been up to. Also, the in-depth interview will help you get to know the 2016 host of Massey Days.

    Also, after several delays, you finally get to meet New Jersey resident Tim Bourgeois. We started out doing a story about Tim and his new career as a small hay farmer. Several events have made some changes in Tim’s life and career so we made a few changes in the article to reflect the new aspects of Tim’s close connection to New Jersey agriculture. It makes a good read.

    We are about out of our 2016 calendars, so if you have put off ordering one, you’d better send in the order form. Also, we are bringing our clock business to an end. Shipping out of the states, to Canada, is getting to be prohibitively expensive. Finding U.S. made parts is getting more difficult all the time. They were a great item and those readers who bought them will have something to pass on to the next generation.

    Hope you have had a great New Year.

    Gary Heffner, editor

  • Issue #24 Cover: (click to expand)
    Issue 24 Cover

  • Check out outtakes from issue #24

  • The October issue of Legacy Quarterly was in the mail the first week of October. LQ #24 starts out with an interesting series of photos and information sent to be by readers and contributors. That is followed by the every popular RFD section, which contains all of the letters and photos sent in by Legacy readers.

    The October issue also includes the following articles: Len Holo, the man who did a reenactment of the World War II Harvest Brigade, A pictorial of Ferguson T0-35 tractors at the 1955 Ohio State Fair, François Latour’s Ginness World Record setting threshing demonstration, the Ferguson F-40 LPG tractor, the Massey Ferguson sweet corn harvester, Gary Stark’s Massey Toy collection and a great series of photos called “Working Tractors”.

    I would like to thank all of the readers that sent in photos for “Working Tractors” The pictures came from 10 states and 2 providences in Canada. I’m sorry that we couldn’t work in all of the photos that I received, we just ran out of space. If the one you sent didn’t get included, we will run the feature again next year!

    Be sure to click on Outtakes or the cover of the October issue at the bottom of the home page to view all of the images that we couldn’t into this issue.

    Don’t forget to order you 2016 Legacy Quarterly Calendar. We will begin to mail out the new calendars about the 3rd week of October. Remember it is a 13 month calendar with two beautiful Massey images each month.

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  • Outtakes LQ #23

  • The July issue of Legacy Quarterly was in the mail the first week of July and is our third Combine Special issue. It features cover photography by Super-T and a host of good stories and interesting history about Massey combines and harvesting. The lead story is about combine pioneer Ben Grant. I have been collecting information about the Grant family and their custom harvesting business for about three years and this story represents the culmination of that effort.

    The issue begins with four extended letters sent by Massey combine collectors and enthusiasts. A history of the N.R. Hamm custom harvesting operation known as Hammtown presents an first hand account of what it was like to run custom harvesting operation that was on the road.

    One of the highlights of this special issue is the story of a young man named Dave Badger who is looking for that big adventure and finds it working on a custom harvesting crew on the Great Plains. Dave is a good story teller and writes an interesting and informative account of his job running a Massey-Harris Super 90 combine.

    Don’t forget, the working tractors feature is coming up in the October issue, so if you have a good photo of your favorite Massey-Harris, Ferguson or Massey Ferguson tractor at work, send it in so that it can be included. And of course, keep you letters to the editor coming.

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