Issue #4 Outtakes
Harold Lang from Aviston, IL, put together the chart with production years and serial numbers for many of the Massey Ferguson Executive Lawn and Garden tractors. Harold is a retired Massey Ferguson marketing employee and was able to assemble information that hasn’t been previously published.
The most famous spokesman for Massey Ferguson in the 1970’s was Tennessee Ernie Ford. This ad piece was provided by Keith Oltrogge.
The cover of an owner’s manual for a Moto-Mower 6000 which shows the similarities between it and the Massey Ferguson Executive Lawn & Garden Tractor. The only difference was the front of the hood and the 6 hp Briggs engine.
A beautifully restored Massey Ferguson 12 Lawn & Garden Tractor owned by Bill Mickler of Indianapolis, IN.
A 1967 advertisement for the Dura built, Massey Ferguson 24 riding lawn mower.
Cover of a mid-1920’s Wallis catalog.
This is one of the original flyers from the Schmidt Brothers open house that was held on March 21, 1936. It is on display in the office of the Schmidt Machine Company.
Retired employee Ed Schaffer looks over some of the old Wallis service manuals. Ed started out working for the Schmidt brothers in 1937, when he was 15 years old. He worked for them continuously except for a 5-year tour of duty in the Air Force during World War II. Ed has a collection of several Massey-Harris tractors and a mint condition Chevy Corvair convertible. Ed is a master mechanic and is very knowledgeable about early Massey combines and Wallis and Massey Harris tractor and equipment.
Ed Schaffer on a Massey Harris 60 combine owned by Luke Swetland.
This very unique Wallis catalog cover was produced for a regional distributor in Sacramento, California. The artwork goes to great length to emphasize the tag line at the bottom¬–Power, Speed, and Economy. Notice the high speed locomotive in the background and the wheels of the tractor. The artist was leaving nothing to doubt, the new Cub Junior was streamline, sleek, modern in design and above all fast.
This ad, from the 1925 issue of the Journal of Agricultural Engineers, advertises a new type of governor for the Wallis Certified tractor.
Images are from the collection of Ervin Chew from New Castle, Indiana.
Jan Brinkman's Wallis Cub Junior entitled, California Cub
Jan Brinkman's Wallis Cub Junior entitled, California Cub
Jan Brinkman's Wallis Cub Junior entitled, California Cub